12 Abused Horses Seized

In Mundy Township, Michigan, reports made to authorities resulted in 12 horses, including a foal, being seized from a stable.  The owner of the stable rents stalls to people, who are responsible for their own horses care and stall cleaning.  The 12 horses seized were all living in extreme filth and had infected hooves from standing in their own waste since the beginning of the year.  The manure was at least 18 inches high, and some stall doors would not open because of the amount of manure piled against them, and the waters had manure in them.  The horses infected hooves were making it extremely painful to stand or walk.

The seized horses were taken to Starry Eyes Equine Rescue and Sanctuary in Ann Arbor.  The owner of the 12 horses could face animal cruelty charges.

Original Story and Pictures: MLive

Rescue Facebook Page: Starry Eyes

Author: Dale Williams <-- Become my friend on Facebook! - Phone: 724-964-6773


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