2 Horses Rescued From Texas Flood

Flooded Horses

While responding to a call to rescue 2 people trapped in a flooded car, Denton’s Swift Water Rescue team spotted two horses in desperate need of rescue.  The horses were in what used to be a pasture, but due to all the heavy rainfall, had become a raging river.  The horses family watched and videod while the Swift Water Rescue Team attempted to reach the horses by wading out through the river, but their attempts were unsuccessful. Rescuers were finally able to reach the horses by boat, and were able to walk and swim them to safety.

The horses, despite being waterlogged, are fine.  Young owner Jessie proclaimed “Now I call her my seahorse.”

Original Story and Video: NBCDFW

Author: Dale Williams <-- Become my friend on Facebook! - Phone: 724-964-6773


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