2015 Rescue of the Year

In February a tiny colt, Gizmo, was found alongside the road, too weak to stand, dehydrated, covered in lice and other pests, on the brink of certain death.  The tiny horse was rescued and taken to Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic.  Every hour was touch and go, but Gizmo showed a survivor’s spirit.  He was given regular blood transfusions and other life-saving medical attention 24/7.  Hours turned into days.  The attending veterinarians began to become hopeful that Gizmo may survive after all.  Days turned into weeks.  After 2 weeks of constant care, Gizmo finally found his legs again and was able to stand on his own.

After emerging from certain death, Gizmo began to recover rapidly.  He was permanently adopted by the Halstead Veterinary Clinic and just 6 months after his rescue, he was shown in the Youngstock RSPCA show, and to the surprise of all, took the winning ribbon.  He then went on to win the Equifast show.  Gizmo’s owners cannot contain their joy that precious Gizmo not only survived, but is thriving.  His final honor so far was winning the 2015 RSPCA Rescue of the Year award.

Gizmo WinningOriginal Story and Pictures:  Little Things


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