22 Horses Left to Starve by Stable Owner

Stable owner and trainer Brian Watts left his stable in Marshall County, Indiana and headed to Texas a month ago, leaving 30+ animals, including 22 horses, to fend for themselves.  Marshall County Sheriff was the first on the property and found an abandoned house and a yard full of starving animals.  The horses are all extremely emaciated, most of them 400-600 lbs underweight.

The Marshall County Humane Society says this is the largest single animal rescue they have ever had to do.  They are seeking adoptive homes that are able to rehabilitate the horses.  Funds are extremely limited at the Humane Society and they report they do not have the needed monetary resources to rehabilitate all the horses.

Watts has signed the horses and other animals over to the Marshall County Humane Society, and the District Attorney is working on criminally prosecuting him and his wife.

Original Story and Picture: ABC 57

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