24 Year Old Caught Beating Horse

Beating Horse

Sweet AmeliaA 24 year old Florida man, James Hutchinson was arrested on charges of animal cruelty causing pain and suffering.  The arrest came after horse owner Dana Doty reviewed the security camera footage from her barn, and was shocked to see Hutchinson beating her horse.  Hutchinson was hired to clean the horse stalls at Doty’s farm 6 days a week.

Doty purchased Sweet Amelia for her sweet disposition, and she hopes that with time she will regain her trust in humans.  On film, Hutchinson was seen going in Amelia’s stall, holding her lead rope, and repeatedly kicking and punching her in the face.  When asked about his behavior, Hutchinson admitted he did it to Amelia “because the horse just wouldn’t obey his commands.”

Hutchinson has bailed out of jail on a $2,500 bond.  When confronted by a reporter, he said “I don’t even hit animals, I’ve never been charged with anything, I don’t do that type of stuff, I made a mistake.”

Original Story and Video: Local 10


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