3 Year Old Quarterhorse Butchered in FL

A 3 year old Quarterhorse, Smart Amanda Whiz, had a long, successful career ahead of her as a reigning horse, but that all came to an end Thursday morning when a trail of blood led to a gruesome discovery.  Sometime during the night, Smart Amanda Whiz was led from her stall to a nearby vacant field.  Her attackers stabbed her in the heart with a large butcher knife or possibly a machete.  She struggled to stay on her feet for 20 yards before succumbing to her injuries.  The butchers got to work, harvesting her meat while she was still alive.  “The horse definitely, obviously, suffered and was probably butchered alive. These guys start harvesting the meat well before these animals stop breathing.” Richard Couto of Animal Recovery Mission, told reporters.

Illegal theft and butchering of horses is a growing problem in Florida, with a large black market for horse meat.

Original Story: Examiner

Original Picture: Twitter

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