30 Horses Dead at QH Ranch

In Conroe, TX, over 30 horses have died at the Premium Star Ranch from malnutrition and neglect in the last 4 months, according to 5 former employees.  In a classic case of “he said / she said,” ranch owner Herman Hoffman says it is the employees fault for not feeding the animals according to his direction and for neglecting them.  Herman stated that about 10 horses have died, but would not give a reason for their deaths.  Hoffman refused to talk on camera to KPRC, Houston reporter Phil Archer.

A Facebook group, Justice for League Line Road horses Conroe,Texas, has been going since October, 2014, documenting the abuse and neglect happening at the Premium Star Ranch, and working towards forcing Law Enforcement to take action.  Their actions have paid off, as of the publishing of this article, the Montgomery County District Attorney is investigating Hoffman and the Premium Star Ranch.

Original Story and Video: KPRC

Additional News Story: Conroe Today

Get Involved: Justice for League Line Road horses Conroe,Texas

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