4,700 Horses Illegally Fed to Humans

Horse Meat

Authorities in France have arrested 12 people in connection with horse slaughter.  Those arrested have been caught up in a European Union wide investigation into the illegal slaughter of horses for human consumption.  While horse slaughter for human consumption is not illegal in France and other EU countries, the investigation has been focusing on those falsifying the history and medical condition of horses being slaughtered.  9 veterinarians and 1 government official were among those arrested.

The horses that were deemed unfit for human consumption included horses from medical testing and equestrian clubs.  The horses from medical testing included horses used in the manufacture serums including rabies, snake venom and tetanus.  The horses from equestrian clubs are prescribed medication labeled “Not for use in animals intended for human consumption.”

Around 4,700 horses were found to have been illegible for human consumption, but with the aid of crooked veterinarians and government officials, were slaughtered and fed to unsuspecting consumers anyway.  The tainted meat causes potentially life threatening complications.

Original Story: Vice

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