50,000 Missing Horses Eaten


Professor Chris Elliot, England’s leading investigator into food safety, has concluded that up to 50,000 horses that “disappeared” since 2008 likely entered the food supply illegally.  With no official record of where the animals went, it is believed they were sold to criminal gangs, who then passed the meat on to suppliers for cheap food such as burgers, and for ready-made food such as lasagna.

Where there is money to be made, criminal gangs are there to try to make a quick dollar.  “Wherever there is money to be made – and the sums involved in food fraud are in the billions – criminals will find a way,” Professor Eliot told reporters.  Tim Lang was appointed by the British government after horse meat was found contaminating meat supplies at Tesco and other supermarkets.  Lang told reporters “The meat business is historically a murky business. With huge price differences between top quality cuts and mass let alone illegal, the room for fraud is considerable.”

Original Story and Picture: The Telegraph

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