7 Starving Horses Seized from Horse Trader

A horse trader in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, surrendered 7 of his horses to the Rhode Island SPCA and is facing 8 charges of Animal Cruelty and 1 charge of dealing in animals without a license.  A month long investigation by the SPCA culminated in the charges being filed against Phillip Price, who has plead not guilty, but did surrender the horses instead of forcing the SPCA to seize them.  During the investigation, Price never cleaned the stalls the horses were living in, despite over a foot of manure being in the stalls.  “The level of ammonia in there from the urine is not only bad for humans, it’s bad for the animals,” RISCPA investigator Joseph Warzycha told reporters.

The 7 horses are severely underweight from a lack of food but are expected to make a full recovery.  Other horses owned by Price were not seized as they are living out doors and are not living in filth, but they remain under state quarantine.

Original Story and Video: CBS 10

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