Allegations of Abuse at Horse Rescue


In Hawley, MN, former volunteers with Hightail Rescue are having to rescue horses from the rescue, and they’re very upset it.  One such horse, Zia, was rescued from by a former volunteer the rescue in September severely emaciated, had severe parasites and trouble breathing.  Another horse taken from the rescue at the same time, Lightning, died a week later.

Once the allegations of neglect and abuse of the rescue horses came to light, former director Charlotte Tuhy stepped down from leading the organization.  The rescue still operates on Tuhy’s property however, and the former volunteers are not happy about it.  “The horses were going downhill faster and faster and there were more horses all the time,” former volunteer Erickson said.  Former worker Dean Grier told reporters “We believe no horses should be in the care of the rescue in its previous or existing board management.”

Clay County did not find enough evidence to charge Tuhy with animal cruelty, but they did say there is cause for concern and they are forming an oversight committee.

Hightail Rescue does not have any publicly available 990 financial forms available despite being founded in 2012.

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