Angel of Death Avoids Prison

Kelsey Lefever

Beau JaquesA Pennsylvania woman who sent over 120 off the track Thoroughbreds to slaughter after assuring their owners they would find good homes has been sentenced.  Kelsey Lefever, aged 24, relied on her good looks and knowledge of the racing industry to convince horse owners to give their horses to her.  She, in returned, passed herself off as a horse rescuer and promised to find rehabilitate, if needed, and find good homes for the horses.  Instead, Lefever sold most of the horses straight to a shipper and they were slaughtered in Canada.  “”I killed every one of those . . . horses, over 120 of them . . . Every one of them is dead. I don’t even know their names and there wasn’t a . . . thing [the sellers] could do about it because they gave me those horses,” Lefever is quoted as saying.



One horse in particular, a 5 year old named Beau Jaques, prompted the investigation and trial of Lefever.  Beau Jaques was given to Lefever by his owner, Kevin Patterson, after Beau Jaques suffered a career ending injury.  Lefever promised Patterson that Beau Jaques would be rehabilitated and adopted into a forever home, and Patterson gave her $200 and 10 bags of feed to help care for Beau Jaques.  Instead of rehabilitation, Animal Angels investigators found Beau Jaques in a kill pen at the New Holland horse auction.

Lefever avoided prison and was sentenced to 2 years probation which includes a prohibition from owning or being around horses.  She also received a lifetime ban from getting a Pennsylvania racing license, which will keep her from working on race tracks in Pennsylvania.

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