Big Stink Over Horse Manure

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In LaGrange County, Indiana, Chad Fry is calling it quits with the stinky problem of horse manure all over the road.  LaGrange County has a large Amish population, and carriage horses are causing concern for Fry and others who wish to be able to live manure free.  Fry will be giving the results of his petition, which he says has between 1,500 and 2,000 signatures from county residents, to the County Commissioner.  His Petition gives several possibly compelling reasons for change.

  • Horse manure is a road hazard for motorcyclists.
  • It gets all over our vehicles, which ends up in our garage.
  • Unsanitary – Tourists and the community bring it in on their shoes and into restaurants, shops, homes, ect.. which can cause sickness.
  • When it rains, it goes into our storm drains which eventually leads to local lakes.
  • We all share the roads, why should we as motorists have to drive thru it?
  • It makes our towns/county look dirty. First impressions are everything!
  • Hitching racks, which are cleaned up by the business owners or street department, would save ample amounts of money.
  • This is a simple solution that is cost effective for the Amish to clean up after their horses. There are different types of manure bags for horses that range from $40 to $100. I’m sure the Amish community could manufacture their own devices for much less.
  • We all share the roads. Why should we have to drive/walk thru waste of a horse. This is unacceptable for LaGrange County residents.


We were unable to reach a representative for the Amish community by phone or email for this article.

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