Birthday Girl’s Stolen Horse Found

Big John and Hayden

As reported yesterday, an 8 year old girl in Colorado woke up to find her beautiful colt, Big John, had been stolen.  She was absolutely devastated and her birthday was ruined.  Her family reached out to the media, and Fox31 Problem Solvers visited the family.  After the story aired, a woman contacted Fox31 to tell them she saw a horse in a field about 15 miles away that looked just like Big John.  The family and the Weld County Sheriff visited the field, which is owned by a petroleum company, and were thrilled to find the horse was indeed Big John.  It is believed that the thieves panicked from all the publicity and dumped Big John in a remote field to avoid prosecution.   In the end, Hayden’s birthday is one she will never forget.

Original Story: Fox31

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