BLM Kills 28 Horses After Roundup

BLM Roundup

Animal Welfare individuals and groups are furious after BLM euthanized 28 of the 201 horses gathered from the range 30 miles west of Las Vegas.  The horses were gathered due to drought and lack of forage, according to the BLM.

Once at the holding pens, the horses were assessed by a veterinarian with the US Department of Agriculture, who determined the horses had a poor quality of life and little hope of recovery.  John Ruhs, acting state director for BLM, said they were euthanized because of “poor or extremely emaciated body condition” and “poor prognosis for recovery or improvement.”  The horses were rated at being between 1.5 and 3 on the Henneke Cold Creek HorsesBody Scale.

Animal Activists aren’t convinced they were beyond rehab.  They are calling for an investigation to determine if the horses were euthanized simply to save money.  The roundup was “supposed to save horses, not kill them” as Ann Novak, director of Project Mustangs so bluntly put it.

BLM has announced plans to gather more horses from the Cold Creek area.  A herd of 57 was determined to be near starvation when observed from the air.

Original Story and Picture: Statesman Journal and Las Vegas Review

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