BLM Loses $122,000 Shipping Horses to Slaughter

Tom Davis

After a multi-year investigation, it has been proven that the BLM lost over $122,000 selling horses to a Colorado rancher, who then shipped the horses to slaughter.  Tom Davis purchased 1,794 wild horses from the BLM between 2009 and 2012 for $10 each.  The BLM never questioned his reasons for purchasing so many horses.  “In selling so many loads of horses, BLM had to know that the horses would end up at the slaughterhouse,” Davis told investigators.  The BLM covered the cost of transporting the horses to Davis’ ranch, which totaled $140,000.  Davis sold the horses to slaughter at a profit of approximately $154,000.  BLM continued selling horses to Davis despite knowledge of the horses destination.  It is illegal for the BLM to sell wild horses for slaughter.

No criminal charges have been filed against Davis or any employee of the BLM, although the BLM states it is taking the matter very seriously and will no longer sell horses to Tom Davis.


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