BLM Mare Left to Die During Birth

dead mareOn July 10th, a wild horse photographer named Patty Bumgarner visited the BLM holding facilities at the Palomino Valley Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse and burro holding facility, near Reno, NV.  She was hoping to see healthy horses waiting for adoption through the BLM Wild Horse and Donkey Adoption Program, but what her camera captured was far from that hope.  A young mare lay dead in a pen full of expectant mothers, halfway through the birthing process, legs stiff from rigor morits, with signs of a long struggle evident in the ground around her.  No BLM staff were present with the exception of a feed truck distributing hay to the horses.  Over an hour later, 3 BLM staff came with a backhoe to remove the dead body.  BLM officer John Neill confirmed to CBS reporter Shelbi Jay that a 2 year old mare had died, but then stated that the foal was successfully delivered and taken to the Northern Nevada Correctional Center, where they have an orphan care program.  2 separate individuals called the Correctional Facility and was told that no new foals had arrived and that all of their foals are over a month old.  The BLM has not released any additional information on the fate of the foal at this time.

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