Broken Bones at Belmont

Just hours before American Pharoah’s Triple Crown victory at Belmont, Helwan’s jockey, Jose Ortiz, was watching the bone come out of his ankle at the 3 1/2 furlong marker. 

 “It’s a lot of pain,” Ortiz said, “…did the best he could right up to the end. I could see the bone coming out from the ankle and I was lucky, because he didn’t fall down. I was able to walk away.  And when you get to know the horse, they’re smart. They know what’s going on. I felt so bad.”

Helwan, a 4 year old colt making his debut run in America, was euthanized on the track after a privacy screen was quickly errected to keep the audience from seeing what was happening. 

Original story and picture: Newsday

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