Budweiser Draft Sold at Slaughter Auction

A Clydesdale, now named Duke, was recently rescued at the New Holland auction by the Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue.  After posting Duke on their Facebook page, Duke’s former handler could hardly contain her excitement at seeing him again.  Laurie Bouthiller-Gendron was Duke’s handler in 2006 at the Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  Duke was well loved and cared for, being loved by thousands of people who came through the theme park.

Before and After Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue contacted the Budweiser Clydesdale manager, who was able to confirm his identity through a positive microchipping match.  The manager explained how Duke had fallen from such a plush life to one of starvation and neglect.  In 2009, Duke was sold to a private party with a first right of refusal clause.  His new owner disappeared and did not honor the first right of refusal.  Duke’s ownership is unknown until he was sold at New Holland auction, starved, injured, abused.

Budweiser has made a donation to the Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue in honor of Duke.

Original Story and Pictures: Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue

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