Deputy Shoots Family’s Pet Miniature Horse

A Sheriff Deputy with Clackamas, Oregon, Sheriff Department responded to a call from homeowner that noticed a mini horse laying in their front yard that may have been hit by a car.  Deputy Craig Roberts responded to the scene, and located the small horse laying in a front yard. He assessed that the animal had trouble standing, and proceeded to shoot it in the neck to euthanize it.  The mini turned out to belong to a neighbor, and was a very loved 30 year old family pet who had arthritis.  An autopsy showed that the only damage to the mini came from the officers gunshot.

Clackamas County has settled with the family for $24,000.  The department has also banned deputies from shooting animals unless it is a public safety hazard, even with the owner present and requesting it.  The county is planning on forming an equine response team to handle equine emergencies.

Original Story and Photo: Oregon Live

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