Disabled Children’s Riding Therapy Horse Attacked


Authorities are baffled as to why someone attacked a horse, Macca, with a metal object at the Riding for the Disabled therapy facility.  Macca is a 20 year old gelding who is deeply loved by all the adults and children in the program.  The attack left a gash on his nose down to the bone.  The local police are treating it as a case of animal abuse.

The horses at Riding for the Disabled became nervous around 3:00 am, so director Lesley Monro went to the stable to see what was wrong.  She didn’t see anything, but could not find Macca.  “He was down in the bushes. We couldn’t find him when we got here this morning and he was among all the trees looking very forlorn.  I couldn’t believe it. We walked him back and called the vet straight away.”  The vet believes he will recover.

Riding for the Disabled has been the target of thieves and vandals at least 11 times in the last year.

Original Story and Picture: NT News

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