Donkey Dragged For 4 Miles


In Cameron County, Texas, a man has been charged with animal cruelty after abandoning his donkey alongside the road after dragging it for 4 miles with his pickup truck.  Miguel Garcia Perez, aged 61, told investigators that his donkey was at a friend’s house, and he tied it to his truck so it wouldn’t wander off.  He continued explaining that when he left, he forgot his donkey was tied and when he realized it, he left it alongside the road to go home so he could figure out how to get the donkey home.  Constable Diaz told reporters “We’ve seen other cases involving cruelty to animals, but as far an animal being dragged that far or in that way? This is the first time.”

The donkey was so badly injured that he was humanely euthanized by the attending veterinarian.  Perez’s bail has been set at $50,000.


Original Story and Photo: Examiner

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