Drive-Thru Horse Riding Illegal

Horse at Drivethrough

A couple in Selkrik, Manitoba were shocked to discover that their 25 year long habit is illegal.  For the last 25 years, Jackie Siemens and Kenny Rach have been riding their horses through drive-thru restaurants in town, ordering everything from drinks to full dinners on horseback.  They recently were informed that riding horses on the city streets is illegal unless they have a permit for a parade or special event.  The city officials are worried about the mixing of horses, cars and pedestrians.

Kenny disagrees with the city “It brings smiles to their faces. We have lot of people stopping. It makes them happy. Especially with the old people because they haven’t seen that since they were young.”

For now, Kenny and Jackie are unsure if they will continue their tradition or find another way to order fast food.

Original Story: Toronto Sun

Photo: Horse Nation

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