Drone Finds Missing Horse


It took drone operators less than 30 minutes to find a horse that had been missing for days.  Appropriately named Houdini, a 29 year old horse, lived in Castle Rock, Colorado.  He is a regular at parades, the local nursing home, and other public events where he always brings joy to everyone who meets him.  Houdini

Houdini went missing Thursday morning, leading to a frantic hunt for him.  He is a regular escape artist, routinely opening latches and untying his lead rope, but this was his first true escape.  As days went by, the chances of finding Houdini unharmed were dropping rapidly.  A local drone company, MultiCopter Warehouse, offered to search with a drone equipped with heat sensing technology.  In less than half an hour, Houdini was found, stuck on the property fence, but still alive.   He was half a mile from his pen.  His vet is quoted as saying if Houdini had not been found within 24 hours, he would have died.

Original Story and Video: 9 News

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