England’s Tallest Horse Saved From Rendering

The tallest horse in England, named Sovereign, didn’t always stand out in a herd.  When Paul Evans purchased him for approximately $300 US dollars, the slaughter price, he wasn’t quite sure why he bought him.  Sovereign was skinny and malnourished.  Evans says “I paid £200 for him which is about the price of a youngster destined only for the knacker’s yard – it goes to show what a state he was in at the time.  I had to nurture him back to good health and be understanding of his lack of trust towards people because his former owners had no idea how to keep a draft horse – they kept him in a tiny cow shed.”

Sovereign now enjoys his 10 acre pasture with his pasture mates and is living the high life.  He is just under 21 hands tall and weighs more than a ton, while the top of his head reaches to 10 feet.

Original Story and Picture: Express

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