EX Shoots Horse Over Breakup

Horse and Rider

A 23 year old man has been charged and convicted for shooting his ex-girlfriend’s horse.  Ryan Finlinson was distraught after their breakup and from moving out of his girlfriend’s house.  Finlinson went to his ex’s house, and found her there with another man.  Finlinson pushed the man into a wall and then walked out to the paddock and shot his ex’s horse twice in the head.  The horse died immediately.

In sentencing, the judge said that due to the facts he used a firearm in committing an act of domestic violence, and that by shooting her horse he was implying a threat to shoot her, he was sentenced to 28 months in jail.  He was also ordered to pay $10,000 to his ex and that his rifle be destroyed by police.

Original Story and Photo: Stuff.co.nz

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