Falabella Miniature Horse Surprises Shoppers

Falabella Horse

Visitors at Wal-Mart in Johnsburg, Illinois (a village near Chicago) were surprised and delighted to see a miniature horse trotting through the aisles Walmart Horsewearing pink tennis shoes.  Serebella is a 9 year old Falabella, and is in training to be a therapy horse.  Falabella horses are originally from Argentina, and are the smallest horses in the world, typically not taller than 8 hands (32 inches) tall.  They are very intelligent and considered very easy to train.

Serebella and 25 other horses live at the Shades of Blue Ranch, owned by Jim and Carol Swinford.  The Swindford’s raise miniature horse, with an emphasis on Falabella’s.  They also train Falabella’s to be therapy horses, and regularly take them to nursing homes, schools, hospitals, anywhere people need cheering up.

Original Story and Video: NW Herald

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