Family Pet Butchered

In Hialeah Gardens, Florida, the Serrano family, including their 10 year old son and 4 year old girl, returned home earlier in June to find their pet horse, Puti, had been killed.  Puti was tied to a pole, stabbed multiple times with an ice pick while putting up a fierce struggle, before suffering a mortal wound to her heart.  Puti was then flayed for her meat, and left in their backyard.  Investigators told reporters that horse meat sells on the black market for $7 – $40 a pound, and that the butchering operation probably took less than 30 minutes.  Shockingly, a year ago, the same family farm was the scene of another pet horse being butchered while the family was away.  They have removed their remaining 2 horses from their farm.

Original Story and Video:  Local 10

Author: Dale Williams <-- Become my friend on Facebook! - Phone: 724-964-6773


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