Foal Chased, Roped, Broken Leg, Euthanized

Young Foal Roped

Animal activists are demanding to know the identity of a BLM contractor they claim chased a foal down, roped it, breaking it’s leg in the capturing process.  It all happened at the West Douglas roundup near Douglas, Colorado.  Witness’ saw the BLM helicopter bringing a small group of horses into the trap, but one foal was too young to keep up with the group including it’s mother.  After the group was captured, the helicopter and contractor on horseback headed out to capture the foal.  An anonymous witness wrote “They captured the rest of the group and the baby was then chased horribly far by helicopter. He came up to the area where we were stationed to observe. Then it ran right up to us so we could see the terror in his eyes. Then they chased him by helicopter and horse until he broke his leg. Only then could they get a rope on him.”  BLM remains silent on what happened to the foal after the capture, but the attending veterinarian stated that the foal was too young to wean, and it is believed that he was euthanized.

For years Sun J Livestock, the contractor for the West Douglas roundup, has been the center of wild horse roundup brutality.  In 2011 a report by BLM found “The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s internal review of a wild horse roundup in Nevada found some mustangs were whipped in the face, kicked in the head, dragged by a rope around the neck, and repeatedly shocked with electrical prods, but the agency concluded none of the mistreatment rose to the level of being inhumane.”

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