Grand Prix Level Horse Butchered in FL

Phedras de Blondel

In St Petersburg, FL, a horrific scene was found in a stable at a 27 acre farm.  Phedras de Blondel, a 12 year old Grand Prix level jumping horse, was found murdered and butchered.  His owner, world juPhedras de Blondelmping record holder Debbie Stephens, is horrified at what happened.  “It’s one of the cruelest things that could happen to any horse. This just turned my life around.”  Stephens holds the world jumping record at 7 feet, 8 inches.

Phedras de Blondel was found with only his head and neck intact, the rest of his meat was taken by the perpetrators of the horrific crime.  Stephens has raised over $18,000 in reward money, but it may not be enough to convince someone to come forward.

Horse theft and slaughter is a rampant problem in Florida, with almost weekly news stories of horses being stolen and butchered being told.

Original Story and Video: NY Post

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