Horse and Rider Attacked by Dogs

Dog Attack Injuries

A horse and rider were attacked by a pack of approximately 6 dogs in Elberta, Alabama, and today those dogs are back with their owners.  Monica Bata was taking a leisurely ride with her horse, Fiona, when the attack occurred.  The dogs circled Bata and Fiona, attacking in unison.  Fiona and Bata both panicked, and bolted down the street.  Bata fell off Fiona and lay helpless on the ground as the dogs advanced, snarling and barking.  Fiona stood guard over Bata, biting and striking at the dogs whenever they would get too close.  A neighbor saw what was happening, grabbed her baseball bat and managed to scare the dogs away.

Police and Animal Control arrived and took the dogs into custody.  Since Bata did not seek medical help for her injuries, the dogs were released to their owners after paying a fine and boarding fees.  Bata is outraged:  “A dog that attacks somebody, it should never be allowed to be back on the street.  The dogs need to be destroyed.”

Original Story and Video: WKRG

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