Horse and Terminally Ill Owner Share Touching Goodbye

Amanda Beach and Jake

Few things in life can bring joy to someone who has been given just days to live by her doctors, but for 49 year old Lisa Beech, her daughter knew just what to do to cheer her up.  Beech has been battling cancer since she was 15, but just recently she was told she had only days to live and was admitted to hospice.

Beech’s daughter brought Jake, her rescued Appaloosa, to the hospital for a final goodbye.  The 16 year bond between Beech and Jake was apparent to all.  “Her face just lit up with so much joy and so much excitement. His ears went forward when he heard her talking, and he was marching up there like he was going to go into the hospital if he needed to,” Beech’s daughter told reporters.

Beech and Jake were able to spend 15 minutes together, perhaps the happiest, and saddest, 15 minutes of their lives.

Original Story and Video: WKYT


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