Horse Carriages Safe in NYC – For Now

Horse AccidentActor Liam Neeson has joined the  carriage drivers and others who support the continued presence of horse drawn carriages in New York City as Mayor De Blasio admits defeat in banning the carriages.  De Blasio made banning the carriages a cornerstone of his campaign, and accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from animal welfare groups.

In an interview with NY Daily News, Neeson said “Mayor de Blasio is finally listening to the will of New Yorkers and we should commend him for that.  Poll after poll shows broad opposition to the misguided horse carriage ban and our voices are finally being heard.”

De Blasio has shifted blame for not banning carriages to the City Counsel.   “What I’d say to every advocate is, ‘You already have my vote, go get the votes in the City Council and solidify the support in the City Council so we can make this change.’ ” De Blasio told reporters.

Carriage Drivers in New York, although pleased, still feel the pressure from the animal activists.  With a major accident a week occurring just in New York City, and the education of the public by animal activists, Drivers are afraid that their time is limited.  “This year, business was a little bit slow. People hear things, they think we shut down already.  I have two kids, a family, this is my job. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t do this,”  said Ahmet Bilici in an interview.

Original Story: Irish Central

Neeson Photo: NY Daily News

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