Horse Euthanized After 5 Horses Seized

Skinny Horse
 Teresa Burkett
Teresa Burkett

A horse had to be euthanized after it and 4 other horses were seized from a North Carolina woman.  All 5 horses were in very poor condition.  Teresa Burkett is charged with not providing adequate food and water and for depriving an animal of necessary medical care.  Burkett has not been caring properly for the 5 horses for months, and their rehab will take just as long for the surviving 4 horses.

Burkett’s family told reporters that she had good intentions with the horses, but simply did not have the financial means to provide for them, and was unable to bring herself to give them up.  Rowan County Animal Control Supervisor Thomas Staton said that is no excuse for animal abuse, and there are resources in the county to help people who cannot care for their animals.  “If they will just call us we will put them in contact with the resources.”

Original Story and Video: WNCN


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