Horse Left to Die by Sheriff Departments

emaciated horse

Despite constant calling and citizen complaints, the emaciated horseHale County, Alabama, Sheriff Department did nothing to help a grey horse left tied to a stake in a field.  Over the course of 3 months, as the horse deteriorated in health, the Sheriff Department refused to seize the horse.  The deputy who responded to the calls told one person, Nancy Weart, that he couldn’t find the owner of the horse, and couldn’t seize the horse without finding and arresting the owner.  Weart attempted to purchase the horse from the owner, but he yelled at her and ordered her from his property.

The horse passed away in his pasture, tied to a stake, as police and his owner did nothing.  The Hale County Sheriff Department has launched an internal review to see if protocol was followed, but for Weart and other witness’, that is simply not enough.

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