Horse Meat Contaminates US Food Supply

horses heading to slaughter

A study has found that nearly 5% of all ground meat products tested in California had horse meat in the product.  It’s a food identification study that has not done since 1995.  The Chapman University undertook the study as part of their Food Science program.

The study examined 48 food samples purchased in California from traditional retailers and from online specialty retailers.  Of the 48 random samples, 10 were mislabeled or had foreign meat in the product.  2 of those sampled has horse meat in the product.  Horse meat has been illegal to serve for human consumption in the state of California since 1998, and the first offense is punishable by not less than 30 days in jail.

Rosalee Hellberg, one of the researchers, told reporters: “Although extensive meat species testing has been carried out in Europe in light of the 2013 horse-meat scandal, there has been limited research carried out on this topic in the United States.”


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