Horse Meat is Deadly

A 5 year study by Drs Nicholas Dodman, Nicolas Blondeau and Ann M. Marini has shown conclusively that horse meat, as produced by horses raised in the United States, is extremely harmful to humans.  The reports were written in a peer reviewed journal,  Food and Chemical Toxicology, and focused on the effects of phenylbutazone (Bute) in the horses meat and it’s effect on humans who consume it.  In their study, they tracked 18 Thoroughbreds, which were all given Bute on raceday.  The horses were sent to slaughter between 1 week and 48 months after being given Bute, all which still had residual of Bute in their system.

The Food and Drug Administration has banned Bute from all animals that are slaughtered for human consumption, yet no check is in place to ensure  contaminated horse meat is not sent over the border to be slaughtered for human consumption.  Bute was used as a human drug in the 40’s, but within 3 years, with dangerous bone marrow supression leading to death and liver failure resulting in death from the use of Bute, it was banned as a human drug and banned from all animals intended to be slaughered for human consumption.

There is no way to know how many horses receive Bute, one drug manufacture produces enough Bute for every horse in America to receive a dose of Bute every year.  One can only assume, as there is no safety net in place to prevent contaminated meat from reaching the human market, that the majority of horse meat is contaminated with dangerous levels of Bute.

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