Horse Rescued from 14′ Sewer Pit

A horse was saved from a stinky death near Fresno, CA on Sunday.  At approximately 3:00 am, the horse broke through the chain link fence, shattered the wood covering the 14′ deep pit, and fell belly first into the mud and sewage.  The owners of the property had been told to cover the pit by authorities, but failed to do so.

Horse rescued from pitFirefighters arrived at 1:30 pm the same day and began the rescue effort.  Quickly realizing that lifting a 1,000 lb horse out of the pit would require heavy equipment, they called for a crane.  Firefighter Mike Green told reporters “We were able to go ahead and secure the horse with a couple straps underneath his belly and to lift the horse up, and the horse is doing fine.”

A veterinarian checked the horse and other than being a little stinky from his 13 hour mud and sewerage bath, he will be fine.

Original Story and Video: ABC30

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