Horse Rescued From Snowy Grave

Horse Saved From Snow

Rafael Pease, founder of Fluxveho, headed to the top of a mountain in Chile on his 21st birthday to enjoy a fresh coating of 4′ of snow with his snowboard and Gopro video camera.  As Pease and a friend were heading down the slopes, he noticed what looked like a rock in the distance.  He thought it odd that only one rock would be visible above the fresh snow, so he called “Hey, check it out” to his friend, unhooked his snowboard and trekked to the rock.  The rock ended up being a chestnut horse hopelessly mired down in the fresh powder.  He was hungry, dehydrated, and exhausted from his struggles to free himself.

Pease and his friend gave the horse some food and shoveled him free.  They led him to through the deep snow to the closest road, then back into town.  The horse, who had been missing for 4 days, was reunited with his extremely grateful owner.

“I have been through a lot in life, and through it all I have realized that it’s well worth it to watch out for others — whether they are human or not. And that’s what me and my riding partner did,” Pease wrote in his story.


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