Horse Saved From Hole

Horse in GroundIn Arlington, TX, a woman is extremely grateful to the Arlington Fire Department for saving her horse from a hole in the ground.  Carolyn Putney and Ginger have been inseparable for 25 years, but that almost came to a tragic end on Friday.  Ginger was grazing in some grass near a culvert when the ground gave way and she fell several feet straight down into a large hole.  When Putney looked out the window she didn’t see Ginger so she went to find her.  She found Ginger laying on her back in the hole, and quickly called 911.  Firefighters, who are trained in extricating people from tight places, put their training to the test and worked tirelessly to get Ginger back above the ground.  A local construction worker used a backhoe to help get the horse back on her feet.  Ginger is sore but expected to make a full recovery.

Original Story and Video: NBC DFW

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