Horse Stolen From Special Needs Woman


InSabel Farmington, Missouri,  Kristina Mendoza is seeking answers as to why her horse, Sabel, was stolen sometime last weekend.  Sabel is a tri-color Arabian mare.

Mendoza has permanent nerve damage that makes standing and walking extremely difficult.  She loved riding Sabel, who has special training to remain extra still when Mendoza is near.  “When I ride, she’s patient, stands still. I get on top of her and we just walk around and I feel like I’m not disabled when I’m on top of her. You know I feel like I could walk around, because I can’t run or anything like that, um and with her I can enjoy the scenery and walk and just enjoy it,” Mendoza said.

Mendoza is hoping that whoever took Sabel will return her.  She is willing to forgo pressing charges if Sabel is just returned.  “She’s just real patient with me, walks real slow, and I trust her. Who has my horse, please bring her home to me. I love her and I miss her so much please. Any information would help. Please,” Mendoza said.


Original Story and Video: KMOV

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