Horse Swimming Banned in Suffolk

Horse swimming, a popular tradition at Cedar Beach in Suffolk, UK, has been banned by park officials.  Members of Pony Swim,  a local Facebook group that organized the events, are highly saddened by the turn of events. Samantha Perry, who started the Facebook group, told reporters “We’re all really disappointed because we tried so hard not to disturb anybody and to be good neighbors.  It’s really upsetting.”

Members of Pony Swim organized the swim meets at the least disturbing times, usually during weekday evenings.  They also painstakingly removed all horse droppings, doing everything they could to keep the park clean and tidy.  The county contends that horse droppings can cause pathogens to enter the waterway, but Cynthia Wells, who lives 2 miles from Cedar Beach, points out what she believes to be their hypocrisy.  “Look at those gorgeous lawns that they have on each one of those properties surrounding Cedar Beach. They don’t get there without using fertilizer.”  Ms Wells also reports that she has seen dead deer and fish rotting in the water.

Pony Swim members have organized a petition on to effect change in their county rules regarding horses at the beach.

Horse Swim

Original Story: Suffolk Times


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