Hundreds of Horses Dumped in Houston

Abandoned Horses

Horse Tied to FenceA Houston neighborhood is gaining notoriety for becoming a dumping ground for unwanted horses.  Captain Larry Baimbridge told reporters that horses are dumped or abandoned on a daily basis, typically in such poor condition that they cannot be saved.  For every horse that is saved, there are between 20 and 40 horses that cannot be saved.  “The officers look around and have to figure out which ones might make it through the night if they rescue them or which ones aren’t worth saving because they’ll probably die anyway.”

The problem centers in Acres Homes, an area that has traditionally been a horse community despite the fact it is within city limits.  Every three months, a series of rodeos and parades come through town, which gets the locals excited about owning horses, so they acquire a horse by any means possible, whether buying one or stealing one.  With no where to keep a horse, horses are Starving Horseoften tied to a tree or fences for weeks at a time with no food, then the owner forces the horse to give him a ride.  When the horse understandably collapses, the owner simply walks away, leaving the horse where it fell.  This scenario repeats itself hundreds of times a year.
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