Illegal Horse Slaughter Cases Settled

Rancho Garcia

As originally reported on October 14, authorities and Animal Recovery Mission raided 3 illegal slaughterhouses in Florida and seized more than 750 animals in connection with animal abuse and illegal slaughter, including horses.  Rancho Garcia and two other properties were being used to slaughter all kinds of animals, in the most cruel way possible including boiling pigs alive and skinning animals while they were still alive. All those arrested were expected to spend a very long time in prison as the evidence was so overwhelming.

   Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer accepted a plea bargain from three of the defendants, and only one of them is going to jail for a mere 5 months.  The other two defendants who entered a plea are banned from owning or interacting with animals.  The other 5 arrested are awaiting trial.  The State Attorney Office has also been reported to determine that they will not be charging any of those arrested with horse slaughter, citing no carcasses were found on the property.  Animal Recovery Mission is outraged at their decision.  “They’ve told us personally that they kill horses there, they bring horses there, for human consumption and they sold that meat to us,” said Richard Cuoto, lead investigator with Animal Recovery Mission told reporters.

Original Story and Picture: New Times

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