Inside Italy’s Illegal Horse Street Racing

TIME magazine has recently exposed the horrors of the underground street horse racing in Sicily.  The horse racing is largely operated by the mafia, whichHorse in Sicily has seen legal gambling revenue devastated in the last four years as 40% of the countries legal stables have shut their doors.  The horses are truly the ones who suffer in this illegal sport, every horse raced on the hard asphalt streets have had the nerves in their legs cut so they do not feel pain.  With no oversight, they are drugged with every drug that can possibly make them run faster.  They are raced hard until they are no longer winning, and then slaughtered and the meat sold to local restaurants, after strong encouragement from the mafia.

As the sun rises over Palermo, a stretch of asphalt is transformed into a racetrack where yet another clandestine horse race is set to begin. The early hour, with its quiet roads and shuttered shops, provides a haven from passersby and, most importantly, the police. Horses paw the ground, moving nervously, spooked by the shouts of spectators and the sound of car horns.

Welcome to Fast and Furious, Sicilian-style, where horses are the cars that are exploited, abused, doped, forced to run to exhaustion and then thrown away. The past three years have seen a dramatic rise in illegal horse racing on the streets of…  Time Magazine

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