Man Arrested For Rescuing Horses – While Drunk

Horse Rescuer?

As rescuers worked to save the 14 horses from raging flood waters as reported on December 28th, Charles Knights Jr determined to help with the rescue.  Knights saw the rescue unfolding on TV and raced to the scene to assist emergency personal.  Throwing personal caution and professional protocol to the wind, 56 year old Knight plunged into the flood waters without protective clothing or a flotation device and began wading and swimming through the water towards the horses.

Emergency personal warned Knight  numerous times to leave the water and to quit calling the horses, but despite the dangers of hypothermia and drowning, he pressed on.  Eventually authorities arrested Knight, who unsurprisingly was intoxicated, and have charged him with resisting law enforcement, criminal trespass, refusal to leave an emergency incident area and public intoxication.

Original Story and Picture: Wish TV

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