Man Plans to Spit Roast Miniature Horse

Mini Horse

A New Zealand man, Glen Candy, has raised the ire of New Zealand by planning to spit-roast a miniature horse for National Crate Day.  National Crate Day is held on the first Saturday of summer, and is all about the celebrating summer’s arrival with parties everywhere.

Candy posted on his Facebook page his plans to roast a miniature horse, then a couple weeks later posted “If u wanna bring sum food all gd. Salad that will go with horse.”

The New Zealand SPCA has been investigating the situation, and while it is not illegal to roast uncommon animals in New Zealand, there are strict laws in how animals must be slaughtered quickly and humanely.  “While it is not illegal the SPCA question the judgement of anyone who would do that.  It is not something which we condone in any form,” Jackie Smith, spokesperson for the North Taranaki SPCA said.

Original Story: Taranaki Daily News


(Note: Featured Image is not of the miniature horse that Candy is planning on spit-roasting.  Image Source)

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