Mini Horses Bucked at Rodeos

Mini Horse Bucking

A concerning trend is developing in the world of Junior Rodeos: the use of miniature horses for bucking stock.  These unsanctioned, profit driven Junior Rodeos are typically held in the midwest.  The primary concern for miniature horses being used as bucking stock is they are subjected to far too much weight for their body size.  Veterinarians recommend that horses carry no more than 20% of their body weight.  Miniature horses used in these rodeos are often small enough that they should be carrying no more than 35-40 lbs, including the weight of the tack.  Overloading a horse can cause permanent structural damage to the equine.

A petition has been started by Miniature horse Owners, Breeders, and Lovers to force the investigation and prosecution for animal abuse for those who overload the miniature horses at rodeos.  To join your voice to the petition:

Original Story and Picture: Petition

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