OK Trainer Arrested for Abusing and Mutilating Horses

A Thoroughbred racing trainer, Robert Dimitt,  has been arrested and is facing 3 felony counts of Animal Abuse.  It all started when Charlotte Northam, who is the caretaker for three horses being trained by Dimitt, went to his ranch to pick up the three horses.  On the way, she received a call that one of the horses, Ashley’s Freight Train, had died that morning and the body had been removed.  Northam told them to get the body back because she was taking it with her, but what she found when she arrived at Dimitt’s farm shocked and overwhelmed her.  “All I know is, I was supposed to have three healthy horses under his care,” she said. “And nothing but starved, mutilated feet and two horses dead and a million-dollar horse that should still be having her chance to run the track.”

The Sequoyah County Sheriff responded to Northam’s call, and officer Ron Lockhart was dispatched to the farm.  He found that Ashley’s Freight Train had been dead for 2 weeks and Dimitt had tried to burn her body with gasoline.  He also found 4 other horse carcass’ on the farm, along with multiple abused, yet still living, horses.

Missing Frog  Dimitt’s training style involved cutting the frog out of the bottom of the horses hoof, which he believed would make it run faster.  Instead, it causes founder, and in the case of Awesome Ashley, the coffin bone came down through the hoof and the mare had to be euthanized.  Awesome Ashley had spent several months laying on her side due to the founder from having her frog cut out, and was covered in bed sores.

Robert Dimitt had previously been banned from training race horses due to a violation for doping violations, but was training and racing under other peoples names.

Dimitt was arrested and booked into jail, but bonded out the same day on a $25,000 bond.

Original Story and Video: 5 News

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