Prank Nearly Kills Horse

Residents of a quiet community in Georgia are outraged when a prank nearly cost a well loved horse his life.  A neighbor heard a horse, Hombre, whinnying for help and found him trapped in a muddy river, minutes from losing the fight for his life.  John Zwemer, who heard the horse’s cry for help, told CBS46 “Five more minutes, 10 more minutes, I don’t think this story would have the same ending.”

Rescue crews worked for 2 hours to free the horse from its certain death.  A veterinarian was called to evaluate Hombre’s condition, and determined that he will be fine.

Neighbors believe that it was a prank that led to Hombre being let loose from his pen.  Zwemer continued “The problem with a prank or a joke is you really never know how it’s going to turn out.  It could be a, ‘Hahaha! Your horses are across the street’ type of thing, or it could’ve been, very easily, ‘Well you had two horses and now you have one.’”

Original Story and Video: MyFox8

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